“Breath for Nepal” has been launched to fundraise for a medical oxygen generator.


A medical oxygen generator produces oxygen needed to save lives and health of the sick.

Together with experts, we have chosen generator OY-50 from Amcaremed. It is a sensible compromise between high quality and a reasonable price.

Thanks to OY-50 we can supply medical oxygen from 24 up to 100 patients (its quantity varies depending on the patient’s wellbeing).

Generator tlenu dla Nepalu


They can be bought in Nepal, which eliminates the cost of shipping.


The generator can be installed by local technicians, who can also train the staff on the proper use of the equipment.


Replacement parts and service are available locally, which will reduce the time needed for maintenance and repairs.

More information available on
the manufacturer’s website producenta (available in English and Spanish).

ATTENTION: Once the fundraiser is complete but the chosen oxygen generator is unavailable, or shipping takes too long, we will buy a comparable generator with similar specs and within the same price range.
During the pandemic every day counts, and waiting a month or longer for delivery will cost lives. Whatever generator we’ll buy, one thing is for sure – it will produce medical oxygen for 24 up to 100 patients a day.



We have had ties to Nepal for years (more about us below). Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, which still hasn’t fully been rebuilt after the earthquake in 2015. They are now struggling with a very dangerous strain of coronavirus, which was first identified in India.

Coronavirus that is ravaging in Nepal is the delta strain – highly infectious and causing severe symptoms that affect also young people. Many patients suffer from organ collapse just days after the infection, resulting in suffocation.
The patient must then be admitted into the hospital. Meanwhile, the family is frantically looking for an available hospital bed, which is not easy in Nepal – the healthcare system collapsed during second wave of COVID-19. Now, not only public hospitals, but also private facilities are informing us of lack of spaces available, and how much oxygen is left.

A 15-20 minute break in oxygen flow is a death penalty for patients with severe cases of COVID.

Social media are full of pleas for any information on available hospital beds and oxygen for the sick. Only a few hospitals in a country of 30 million residents have their own oxygen generators. Something that is a given in European hospitals, is a luxury in Nepal.

What happens when you can’t find a hospital bed and oxygen supply? The Nepalese are dying in their homes and on their way to the hospital. These tragedies are not included in the official statistics, but are very much an everyday life for the locals. Everyday people lose their family members and friends.

Nepal has currently the highest infection rate (confirmed cases to tests ratio).

No vaccines are available.

Hospital staff are overworked and tired. Numerous doctors and nurses are afraid to work in COVID wards, as they are not vaccinated.

Nepal has no vaccines – they are unavailable in the world market, and the ordered vaccines from India have been halted, as India is battling the second wave themselves. Vaccine reserves have been seized by Europe and USA.

Only 1% of the Nepal population has been vaccinated with 2 doses of the vaccine, so the pandemic will ravage the country for many more months to come. With no oxygen generator for the second and any future waves of the disease, the Nepalese will suffocate.

We are well aware that the oxygen is the bare minimum needed for survival, it’s a temporary fix, not the solution. But for now, the Nepalese are struggling to survive.


Nepal is suffocating and needs your help. Don’t be indifferent to their suffering.


We appreciate all donations.


We realise that not everyone can help financially. Share this website on your social media - help us reach more people and let the world know what the situation is like in Nepal.

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White Grain

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Please use “Breath for Nepal” or “Oddech dla Nepalu” as transfer’s title.



We have had ties to Nepal for years. Our hearts are breaking for the country while the rest of the world seems oblivious to the situation the Nepalese are in.

That is why together with our friends – people who hold Nepal in their hearts – we’ve decided to launch “Breath for Nepal”.

We’re doing this through WhiteGrain – a Polish foundation, which has operated in Nepal for years.

More about their work here:

MAgda Jungowska

She visited Nepal for the first time in 2011, and has been living there permanently for 5 years. She founded the White Grain Foundation after the 2015 earthquake, when she started supporting Nepalese people after the catastrophe.

The Foundation continues to provide humanitarian aid and support disabled children. She organized the “Backpack with a layette” campaign for several thousand poor children. During the first wave of the epidemic in 2020, she has been feeding more than 10,000 people who lost their livelihoods during the world’s most severe lockdown.

Now, without waiting for fundraising, she organizes medical assistance – the purchase of mobile oxygen concentrators, the preparation of a quarantine center for people with COVID-19 and the distribution of “covid” packages for people under home quarantine.

Magda also joined the Covid Alliance Nepal group, an alliance of Nepalese organizations, doctors, epidemiologists, logistics specialists and experts in many fields. Magda uses the knowledge of experts who monitor the situation and needs related to the epidemic on an ongoing basis.


A traveler, photographer, guide and organizer of trekkings in Himalayas and Karakoram. She has been wandering in the Himalayas of Nepal for over 10 years.

She looks at people living in the highest mountains in the world with love and admiration. Closely connected with the Sherpas community from around Everest. She spends summer and winter with them. She drinks salty tea and homemade moonshine. She dances. Hugs. Listen. Photographs.

And then, she tells about her journeys at the Mountain Festival in Lądek Zdrój, at Wachlarz travel festival and at Outriders Online journalistic festival. An exhibition of her photographs entitled “In the Sherpa House” was presented, among others at the O! Góry festival in Szczecin.


He has been associated with Nepal for 20 years. For several years he led medical volunteering at Benchen Free Clinic and health care for children from Tibetan monasteries in Kathmandu.

During the 2015 earthquake, he cooperated with the Nepalese people in rescue and relief operations, and coordinated the activities of medical groups. At the same time, he was one of the mission managers of the Polish Humanitarian Action, which organized shelter and food for thousands of people as well as equipment for the camp for displaced persons.

In 2016, as part of PAH, he was active in the reconstruction of six Nepalese schools. Through the Nyatri Foundation, he supports the education of children and youth from the poorest regions of Nepal and the children of refugees from Tibet.

During the 2020 coronavirus epidemic, he assisted the Honorary Consulate in Nepal in the evacuation of Poles from Nepal. He is currently organizing food aid for Nepalese people suffering from hunger due to the lockdown.


Breath for Nepal is part of the Covid Alliance for Nepal citizens’ initiative, founded in Nepal by Nepalese volunteers during the epidemic.

It brings together doctors, epidemiologists, logisticians, economists, engineers, educators, academics, psychologists and social activists. The alliance jointly organizes oxygen for hospitals, food packages during the lockdown, adjusts quarantine centers for patients and trains their staff, conducts therapeutic sessions and hotlines for patients, collects and analyzes pandemic data.

Thanks to the lobbying of the Alliance and the Nepalese diaspora in the US Congress for vaccines for Nepal, the country found itself on the US government aid list.

The Breaths for Nepal volunteers thank the Alliance for technical assistance, expert knowledge, logistical support and a sea of cordiality, without which the action in Nepal would have no chance of success. Together you can do more!


If you have questions about our action, the situation in Nepal or you want to help, please contact us via the form below or via our social media.